The Time is NOW - A call to action

The time has come for me to start coaching an elite athlete training group in San Diego. The time for you, as an up-and-coming elite athlete, or as an established elite looking for the next breakthrough, is NOW.  This is your call to action. 

This group will focus on elite runners and triathletes who want to make the Olympics, or triathletes who want to win WTS, 70.3 and even Ironman events, or runners who want to contend at major marathons, or major track events. The team will based around much of the successful approach I have used with Ben Kanute this year, to get him to be one of the best triathletes in the world. Ben will be a part of the group, (mostly on a camp basis at first). 

The group will start with a 3 week try-out camp in San Diego, beginning December 1, 2017, then restarting after the new year with a finalized squad. If you are interested, or know someone who would like to learn under me, please share this link, and have them fill out the info. Deadline for consideration will be Nov 15th, 

Here's the link for the application for an invite to the first camp in December. After applying, details will be shared. This team is open to males, females, juniors, those with elite licenses, those close to getting one, and those who want to make the jump and commit to the top level of their sport!

I look forward to reviewing your application!

- Jim Vance

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