Guest on IM Talk - Run With Power

I was a guest this week on IM Talk, the most popular Ironman Triathlon podcast there is. I was discussing my new book, Run With Power. You can check out the interview here. Have a listen, and let me know your thoughts! Coach Vance

Babbittville Radio Interview - Triathlon 2.0

Bob Babbitt this past weekend invited me to go on his radio show live and discuss a number of topics, from my new books, Triathlon 2.0 and Run With Power , to Triathlon at the Olympic Games, high school development of runners and triathletes, as well as USAT's approach to athlete development. Take a listen, as I think if any of these topics interest you, ...

Speaking on Running Power Meters in Kona 2015

While in Kona, I spoke at the Ironman Expo, for RPM2, (pronounced RPM squared), about the possibilities of power meters for running, as their product is one of this new technology.