Joe Friel Endorses Run With Power book

As advanced technology becomes available for runners, the opportunity to get a step on the competition increases dramatically for those who are early adopters. The runner’s power meter is the latest example of that. It’s a complex tool, but one with great potential for enhancing performance. There’s no one better to help you understand this device than Jim Vance. I’ve worked closely with Jim for nearly a decade. He’s one the sharpest coaches I’ve ever known. I highly recommend Run with Power.

Joe Friel Endorses Triathlon 2.0

Knowing how to use the latest technology to improve training also means faster racing. Put them together and you have a winning combination. Jim Vance is among the smartest coaches in the United States. I highly recommend this book.

Bob Babbitt, Ironman Triathlon and USA Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee

Jim Vance is the best not only at creating a training program, but in explaining the program in a way that anyone can understand.

Adam Zucco, USA Triathlon Developmental Coach of the Year

While many people know how to collect data, Jim is an expert in understanding it and teaching others how to make decisions with it.

Hannes Otto, South Africa

Hi Jim I am really enjoying your Triathlon 2.0 book. I wish I had this 15 years ago when I started triathlon. Cannot wait to implement the changes and peak on race day for a change!

Julian Hegg, Switzerland

I enjoyed reading your “Triathlon 2.0” book as it is highly practical oriented. In connection with Joe Friel’s book you can well plan workout and intensity structure over a season. There is a lot of compressed knowledge in your book which I highly appreciated. I’ve read many other triathlon books (Triathlon bible, Well built triathlete by M.Dixon among others) and none of them was as much of practical use as yours. I even more like your “run with power” book. As you basically had to take a green field approach, the book finds the right balance between scientific explanations and practical explanation. Especially, the conclusion that run with power can be as valuable as run by power is in my opinion an important one.

Eduard Barcelo, Spain

I have read your Triathlon 2.0 book and it has been a game changer for me. Now I need to adapt it for trail running (I am really specialized on this) because in high mountain trail running races, the performance is not only about running CTL like in Triathlon. Other activities CTL with a high tax of transference for trail running are important too to get a high peak before the long distance races. It is very exciting to play with this variables to adapt the plan to the race and to the runner. Doubtlessly, your metrics will help me to know more about it and give me light in my job.

Paul McAneney, Canada, on Triathlon 2.0

Absolutely love the book!!!! I don't think I've found anyone with a closer training philosophy.

Lucian Zbagan

Your Triathlon 2.0 book is the best book I have read on triathlon!!!

Gary Clarke, Singapore, on using one of Jim's 70.3 training plans from TrainingPeaks

My previous PB was 7hrs 15 minutes which was 10 months ago and with your training plan and structured nutrition planning i have managed in the 8 week build up to Cairns to drop a further 10kg and my result for Cairns was 5hrs 51mins, I took an incredible 1 hr 24 minutes off my previous PB, I am extremely chuffed with my results and I am very thankful to you & your program.